Shire of Quairading

Organisation: Shire of Quairading
Phone: (08) 9645 1001
Organisation Website:

Quairading is less than two hours from Perth on the York-Merredin Road, and is serviced by major bitumen roads.

It offers a variety of cultural, sporting and social activities at minimal cost.

Quairading was first recognised as an agricultural area in the early 1860's and developed as a rural centre for the ever expanding wheat and sheep industry.

Our farming community with a population of approximately 1,200, producing cereal and grain crops, wool, sheep, cattle and Rural Service Industries.

The district includes the localities of Quairading, Pantapin, Yoting, Badjaling, South Caroling, Wamenusking, Dangin, Balkuling and Doodennanning.

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