Kempsey Shire Council

Organisation: Kempsey Shire Council
Phone: 02 6566 3200
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Kempsey Shire Council has approximately 310 employees in a variety of full time, part time, job sharing, temporary and contract positions. These positions cover professional, technical, clerical, administrative and operational roles within four departments.

Council employs people in traditional local government positions such as Town Planning Officers and Health and Building Officers, Environmental Officers, Regulation Inspectors, Rangers, Water & Sewerage Services, Engineers, Surveyors, Roads Construction and Maintenance, Records Officers and Librarians. In addition, we employ people with a full range of business skill sets, across areas including IT, Finance, Customer Service, Human Resources and Public Relations.

We consider equal opportunity a basic principle in our overall operations and all our appointments are strictly based on merit. Council only accepts applications for positions we advertise.

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