Greater Hume Council

Organisation: Greater Hume Council
Phone: (02) 6036 0100
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Living in an idyllic rural landscape that sets us apart, we draw on our passion and location to maintain a model community for people of all ages whilst building an economy that abounds with opportunities.

A number of key aspects are being sought in the vision statement; namely:

Draw on our passion – we cannot afford to expect someone else to always work on our behalf to achieve all that we seek; we must draw on the passion we have for our community and each other and be involved.

Maintain a model community for people of all ages – if we work together, we can maintain a community that looks after our people as well as our farmland and natural beauty.  We can be a community that others aspire to be like.

An economy that abounds with opportunities
–we must be proactive in taking advantage of our location, particularly near Albury / Wodonga and to a lesser extent Wagga Wagga, to grow an economy that is diverse and offers our community the chance to build a career here. 

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