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Northern Areas Council is a local government area in the Mid North of South Australia. The main council offices are in Jamestown.

Most of the region was first settled in the early 1840s, only a few years after the settlement of Adelaide. Several explorers had passed through the area on their way to more remote places, including Edward John Eyre and John Horrocks.

The towns and localities covered by the council are Andrews, Belalie East, Belalie North, Bundaleer, Caltowie, Georgetown, Gladstone, Gulnare, Hornsdale, Huddleston, Jamestown, Laura, Mannanarie, Narridy, Spalding, Stone Hut, Tarcowie, Washpool, Yacka

The present Northern Areas Council is the result of numerous successive amalgamations of smaller town and district governments. Most recently, the District Councils of Rocky River, Spalding, and Jamestown merged on 3 May 1997. Rocky River Council was formed on 4 May 1988 from the district councils of Laura, Georgetown, and Gladstone. Jamestown District Council was a merger of the district council (itself the merger of Caltowie, Belalie and part of Yongala District Councils in 1935) with the Corporation of Jamestown in 1991.

Northern Areas Council

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