District Council of Loxton Waikerie

Organisation: District Council of Loxton Waikerie
Phone: (08)8584 8000
Organisation Website: http://www.loxtonwaikerie.sa.gov.au

The District Council of Loxton Waikerie is a local government area covering parts of the Riverland and Murray Mallee regions of South Australia.

The council was formed on 3 May 1997 as an amalgamation of the District Councils of Loxton, Waikerie and Browns Well.

Towns and localities covered by the council area are: Alawoona, Bakara, Bayah, Bookpurnong, Boolgun, Browns Well, Bugle Hut, Caliph, Cobera, Devlin Pound, Golden Heights, Hartwig Corner, Holder, Kanni, Kingston-on-Murray, Lock No 2, Lowbank, Loxton, Loxton North, Maggea, Maize Island, Malpas, Markeri, Meribah, Moorook, Mootatunga, Murbko, Myrla, Nadda, Naidia, Nangari, Netherleigh, New Residence, New Well, Noora, Notts Well, Oxford Landing, Paisley, Pata, Peebinga, Poogincok, Pyap, Qualco, Ramco, Ramco Heights, Sunlands, Taldra, Taplan, Taylorville, Tookayerta, Tuscan, Veitch, Waikerie, Wappilka, Woolpunda, Wunkar, Yinkanie


29 East Terrace Loxton


Strangman Road Waikerie

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