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The City of Burnside is a local government area with an estimated population of 44,300 people in the South Australian city of Adelaide.[1] Burnside was founded in August 1856 as the District Council of Burnside, and was classed as a city in 1943. It is named after the property of an early settler and stretches from the Adelaide Parklands into the Adelaide foothills. It is bounded by Adelaide, Adelaide Hills Council, Campbelltown, Mitcham, Norwood Payneham and St Peters and Unley. The city has an area of 27.53 km².

A primarily residential upper middle class area, Burnside has little to no industrial activity and a small commercial sector. Over 2.57 km² of its area is dedicated to Parks and Reserves, the result being one of the greenest areas in Adelaide. As one of the eastern suburbs adjacent to and entering the foothills, Burnside is also known as being relatively wealthy compared to the Adelaide average. It was one of the first areas outside of Adelaide to be settled, with the early villages of Magill, Burnside, Beaumont and Glen Osmond now inner suburbs. At the 2006 census, the City had a SEIFA score of 1108 (96th percentile), which was the highest figure for any local government area in South Australia — individual CCD scores ranged from 909 in eastern Glenside to 1194 in Stonyfell.

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401 Greenhill Rd

Tusmore SA 5065

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PO Box 9

Glenside SA 5065

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