Shire of Victoria Plains

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The Victoria Plains Road Board was one of the first of nineteen road boards established in Western Australia in 1871 to build and maintain roads and bridges throughout the state. In the early days, Victoria Plains stretched from the Indian Ocean to the South Australian border and from Carnamah in the North, to Bolgart in the South.

Today, our total area lies across 256,973 hectares with a population of 1000. The area is renowned for its prosperous agricultural activities, beautiful wildflowers, longstanding heritage and of course, the home of the Benedictine Community at New Norcia.

Victoria Plains is the ideal setting for those dreaming of a tree change to a quiet rural lifestyle. Our advantage lies in our close proximity to Perth, central location to regional hubs, schools, access to main roads, rail lines, electricity and an abundance of water.

Council is very supportive of new industry and business ventures and welcomes new residents to Victoria Plains to establish their business and lives.

Victoria Plains is a unique and special place to live.

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