Hindmarsh Shire Council

Organisation: Hindmarsh Shire Council
Phone: 03 5391 4444
Organisation Website: http://www.hindmarsh.vic.gov.au

Welcome to the Shire of Hindmarsh! Our shire is situated in central North West Victoria, south of the Mallee and north of the Grampians and about 350 kilometres north-west of Melbourne.

It covers an area of 7,527 square kilometres and has a population of 6,200. Although Hindmarsh Shire is the sixth largest municipality in Victoria in area, it has the fifth smallest population so there is lots of space to grow and enjoy country life.

Our major industry is agriculture, with 62% of all business enterprises being in this sector. It is based largely on grain and sheep production, but in recent years has diversified into the production of oilseeds and legumes. 

Our shire also includes substantial areas of national park and a strong Landcare network preserves indigenous vegetation remnants and expands the vegetation cover with plant corridors linking the Big and Little Deserts and revegetation on private land.

Address: 92 Nelson Street, Nhill, Victoria 3418

PO Box 250

NHILL Victoria 3418

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