Tiwi Islands Regional Council

Organisation: Tiwi Islands Regional Council
Phone: 08 8970 9500
Organisation Website: http://www.tiwiislands.nt.gov.au/

The Tiwi Islands are located 80 km north of Darwin in the beautiful Arafura Sea. There are two islands, Bathurst and Melville Islands, with a total land mass of 8320 sq km. The Council has offices on the Islands and in Darwin.

The first European settlement on the Islands was at Fort Dundas, near present-day Pirlangimpi on Melville Island. Established in September 1824, this was the first British settlement in northern Australia, but owing in part to the hostility of the Indigenous population it lasted only five years, being abandoned in 1829. As the first attempted European and military settlement anywhere in northern Australia, the site is on Australia's Register of the National Estate.

"Ngawa kukunari ngini nuwa awungarra kapi nginingawula murrakupuni. Awi.

We are happy that you are here in our country, in our land. Talking to everybody "


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