Sustainable Timber Tasmania

Organisation: Sustainable Timber Tasmania
Phone: (03) 6169 2800
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Sustainable Timber Tasmania is a Tasmanian Government Business Enterprise responsible under State legislation for:

  • sustainably managing approximately 800,000 hectares of public production forest (Permanent Timber Production Zone land)
  • undertaking forest operations for the production and sale of forest products from these forests (including making available at least 137,000 cubic metres of high quality eucalypt sawlogs and veneer logs per annum)

Sustainable Timber Tasmania’s key activities include:

  1. Planning for 90 years or more based on sound science to provide accurate and up-to-date knowledge of our forests
  2. Identifying and protecting important natural and cultural values
  3. Harvesting and regrowing native forests
  4. Establishing, growing and harvesting plantations
  5. Selling high quality sawlogs, peeler billets, specialty timbers and log residues to customers
  6. Managing fire risks (including fuel reduction burning) and fighting fires
  7. Building and maintaining roads we require for access to our operations
  8. Actively engaging with our customers, neighbours and the broader community before we make or implement decisions
  9. Seeking and maintaining independent internationally recognised forest certification (AFS/PEFC and FSC) required by key elements of our markets

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