Nhulunbuy Corporation

Organisation: Nhulunbuy Corporation
Phone: (08) 8939 2200
Organisation Website: https://www.ncl.net.au/

The Nhulunbuy Corporation was established under the Mining (Gove Peninsula Nabalco Agreement) Ordinance of 1968, and is a not for profit company which receives its authority from a service agreement with Rio Tinto.

We are a public company limited by guarantee to manage Nhulunbuy, the nearby Industrial Estate and the Gove Airport in a similar manner to that of a local council. The Corporation employs a team of administrative, works and airport staff and is led by the Chief Executive Officer.

The Nhulunbuy Corporation provides municipal services such as:

  • Road construction and maintenance including footpaths, walkway lighting, traffic control and parking
  • Water reticulation
  • Sewerage treatment and reticulation
  • Waste management facility, garbage collection, garden waste collection and street cleaning
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Vector (mosquito) control and weed control
  • Town planning and land development including building control
  • Parks and gardens
  • Sport and recreation facilities including Hindle Ovals 1 and 2, the oval canteen and the Cantrell Skate Park
  • Television and radio services
  • Regulatory services including animal control
  • Community services
  • Gove Airport
  • Fire Service (50% funded by the NT Government)
  • Emergency management and preparation
  • Management of the Town Hall, Gove Airport Terminal, Nhulunbuy Corporation Airport Workshop, Works Depot, Nhulunbuy Aquatic Centre and associated infrastructure

Achievements of the Nhulunbuy Corporation in recent years have been the:

  • Reseal of the town roads and Gove Airport precinct
  • Opening of a new Head Office in Westal Street, and
  • Installation of shade sails at the Nhulunbuy Aquatic Centre.

The Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the Chief Executive Director as an Executive Director and Rio Tinto executives as Non-Executive Directors. The Nhulunbuy Town Board provides advisory services to the Nhulunbuy Corporation and is made up of community, Rio Tinto and Northern Territory Government representatives.

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