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Phone: (02) 9936 8100
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With a staff of approximately 400 permanent (full time and part time) employees, we are not too big and not too small - we are just right! You will have the chance to meet with many of the team members from other departments and get to know them. Our teams genuinely strive towards satisfying our customers needs, even when there are competing groups and interests.

Linked to our long term corporate strategy, at North Sydney Council our mission for our employees is:

To optimise employee performance in an enjoyable, safe, fair and equitable workplace.

At North Sydney Council we:

  • are ethical and compassionate in fulfilling our role and responsibilities
  • are transparent, accountable and inclusive in our decision making
  • plan for the future
  • conduct all our activities with respect and courtesy
  • use periodic auditing and benchmarking processes to ensure our service delivery is efficient and competitive
  • ensure our staffing strategy aims to take into account the changing nature of work and the workforce
  • have strategies in place for the attraction and retention of staff
  • are able to provide strong community leadership and manage the organization effectively
  • welcome innovation
  • communicate openly and share information.

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ICT Business Integration Analyst

North Sydney Council ICT Business Integration Analyst   Lead Councils Systems Integration Strategy Contemporary Metropolitan Council Wide-ranging portfolio of systems Located directly opposite the CBD and separated by the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, North Syd...

North Sydney Council

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